With Zeitgold, entrepreneurs and tax consultants work together digitally. The intuitive software ensures smooth workflows, more efficient communication and creates free capacities on both sides with precise booking suggestions and automated accounting processes.
Automate accounting. Working together successfully.

Get to know Zeitgold

  • Headquartered in: Berlin, Germany

  • Founded in: 2015

  • Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, Small and Medium Businesses

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund

Receipts, contracts, invoices – a lot of paperwork accumulates during the month. With Zeitgold, all documents are available at any time and can be called up on the move. Using the scan function of the mobile Zeitgold app, all business documents are digitalized in no time and securely archived in the system. For even more convenience, Zeitgold also offers a digitization service.

The intelligent Zeitgold software links a large part of the digitized receipts with the corresponding account movements. The rest is done comfortably on the computer by the entrepreneur based on tasks. Invoices are paid by click, the cash book is kept digitally and comments for the tax consultant are recorded in context. At the end of the month, Zeitgold transmits everything completely to the tax consultant.

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