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Invested in Edurino

Invested in Franziska & Irene

Franziska & Irene co-founded Edurino in 2021 with a mission to create great learning experiences for children that harnesses new technology in the best possible way. With the aid of an ergonomic stylus, a toy fox named Mika, and a learning app, this hybrid approach to reading and writing was designed for preschoolers. While children learn through play, parents can track their children’s learning progress in a separate area and regulate screen time individually. The app independently announces the end of play time and switches off when the screen time has elapsed. The learning journey thereby adapts individually to the developmental stage of the child.

EdTech startup Edurino secures EUR 3.35 million in seed funding to advance digital learning for kids

Invested in Ledgy

Invested in Ben, Yoko & Timo

Ledgy believes that entrepreneurship is the main driver of positive change in the world. That is why they build beautiful and intuitive software for startups, helping them be more successful.

Manage ESOPs, Model Financing Rounds, Engage Your Employees and Investors. Create an exit chart and see how much you’ll actually get in the end. Model funding rounds. Always free. Guaranteed error-free. Financing Round Modeling. All-in-one solution.

Ledgy raises $10M Series A from Sequoia Capital

Invested in DeepL

Invested in Jaroslaw

DeepL is a technology company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence for languages. Based in Cologne, Germany, the company was founded by the team who started Linguee. Under the leadership of Yaroslaw Kutylowski, DeepL developed a new translation engine based on neural networks and has since become the undisputed global leader in language translation, servicing 24 languages, including many European languages, as well as Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin). To date more than a billion people have used the services of DeepL.

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Digital Tech Fund

Investing in Digital Technology

The digital tech fund invests in B2C- and B2B-oriented businesses in the fields of commerce, marketplaces, mobile and software.
Digital Tech Fund

Industrial Tech Fund

Investing in Industrial Technology

The industrial tech fund places its focus on deep tech, e.g. in industry 4.0, resource efficiency, industrial AI, IoT, enterprise software, cyber security, as well as medtech.
Industrial Tech Fund

Private Investor Network

250 Extraodinary people at your service

We provide members of our investor network with vetted investment opportunities in early and later stage tech companies from over 25 different industries.
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How COVID-19 forces us to rethink the future of education: Interview with Verena Pausder

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