Ledgy helps startups handle their employee shareholdings, cap table and investor relations professionally and accurately from the start. Ledgy provides investors a centralized source of all important information.
Equity done right

Get to know Ledgy

  • Headquartered in: Zurich, Switzerland

  • Founded in: 2017

  • Sector: FinTech, Cap Table Management

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund

Ledgy believes that entrepreneurship is the main driver of positive change in the world. That is why they build beautiful and intuitive software for startups, helping them be more successful.

Manage ESOPs, Model Financing Rounds, Engage Your Employees and Investors. Create an exit chart and see how much you’ll actually get in the end. Model funding rounds. Always free. Guaranteed error-free. Financing Round Modeling. All-in-one solution.

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