Baresquare has developed an AI-powered analytics platform to transform the way marketing, eCom and retail professionals work with data. Rather than continue sifting and sorting through endless static data reports in search of insights and answers, Baresquare’s action-driven analytics platform pinpoints traffic, conversion and customer experience optimization opportunities—providing teams with clear next steps to act fast for the greatest business impact.
Your next step is clear

Get to know Baresquare

  • Headquartered in: London, UK and Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Founded in: 2017

  • Sector: Analytics, Martech

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund

Over the last decade, Baresquare has worked to develop the most efficient, effective way to extract actionable insights from raw data. Today, their system provides action tickets in plain English, prioritized by business impact. Using cutting-edge machine learning, the platform is constantly learning which metrics matter most to organizations and gets smarter over time—empowering teams to use data to act fast and drive measurable, valuable change. Baresquare recently helped a global mass media company find and fix critical conversion issues in a matter of hours, which would have otherwise taken weeks to notice.


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