1KOMMA5° wants to enable people in Europe to live a CO2-free life by providing the technology for a decentralized, clean energy supply, mobility and heat, as well as services that go beyond this. The strategy includes integrating SMEs in the fields of photovoltaics, electricity storage, charging infrastructure and heat pumps, in order to strengthen regional craftsmanship on the one hand and to enable high-quality consulting and installation at the customer's site on the other. 1KOMMA5° is also working on the networking and control of decentralized generation systems, with the aim of fully leveraging the potential of the decentralized energy transition. For this purpose, all installed systems are to become part of a central IOT system.
The core idea of 1KOMMA5° is that every person – even without policy changes – can make their home carbon-neutral and actually save money in the process.

Get to know 1Komma5

  • Headquartered in: Hamburg, Germany

  • Founded in: 2021

  • Sector: Digital Technologies, Climate Tech

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund, Private Investor Network

“There’s no greater challenge of our present-day than getting renewable energy into more households and solving the last mile problem, and there’s no company better placed to accomplish this than 1KOMMA5°. They have the right approach to making renewable energy accessible in a decentralized way and at scale.” – Florian Schweitzer, Partner at btov Partners

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