Benjamin Dobbrick

Investment Manager

Before joining btov in late 2018, Benjamin worked in investment banking at Rabobank. His venture capital experience was honed through time spent at Paua Ventures, Rocket Internet and innogy Ventures.

He studied Economics in Amsterdam and New York and holds an M.Sc. in Investment Management from the CASS Business School London. As a food aficionado, in his first year of studies, Ben also co-founded a startup in the food space. In his spare time he is a skilled pianist, hobby software developer and passionate chef de cuisine.

We get the opportunity to accompany visionary entrepreneurs on their way to change the world every day.

  • With btov since: 2018

  • Expertise in / interest in the following areas: Future of Work, B2B SaaS, Product-led software, Food tech

  • Favourite quote: “You don’t venture into a wilderness expecting a paved road.” – C. Walton Lillehei

  • Your favourite futuristic technology:  Lab grown meat

Q -Which values are important to you and drive you?
BD -Loyalty
Q -What technological progress do you hope for most?
BD -That we find a way to slow down climate change through technology in a sustainable way.
Q -What do you like most about your job?
BD -That we get the opportunity to accompany visionary entrepreneurs on their way to change the world every day.
Q -Do you have a passion that you pursue besides work?
BD -Passionate hobby chef / sommelier and bookworm.
Q -What did you want to become when you were little?
BD -Astronaut
Q -What are indispensable tools in your everyday life?
BD -Notion, Zoom, Google and my mobile phone
Q -What are your sources of information on the net?
BD -Medium, Twitter, The New Yorker, The Atlantic
Q -What are your top 3 favorite podcasts/books?
BD -The Portal (Eric Weinstein), The After On Podcast (Rob Reid), EconTalk; Books: The complete Incerto series by Nassim Taleb, The Beginning of Infinity - David Deutsch, Poor Charlie's Almanack - Charlie Munger
Q -Which founders do you find most inspiring?
BD -The founders who show you previously unknown perspectives and swim against the current.
Q -Which investor do you value most?
BD -Charlie Munger
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