TextCortex is a Berlin-based AI startup founded in 2021 on a mission to simplify, accelerate, and democratize written communication and information. The company offers AI-powered writing companions as both a WebApp and browser extension with over 20 integrations. Based on their own proprietary technology, TextCortex achieves natural sounding language, which in blind tests is difficult to distinguish from human writing. The solution is used by freelancers, marketers, and SME businesses to personalize and scale their communications and marketing efforts. More than 100,000 unique articles have been written with the help of TextCortex.
“New machine-learning models can achieve levels of creativity that approach humans, allowing
AI to accelerate the creative process. Similar productivity gains we know from machine translation are now able to happen with machine creation, letting algorithms create first and humans improve second.”

Get to know TextCortex

  • Headquartered in: Berlin, Germany

  • Founded in: 2021

  • Sector: Digital Technologies,  SaaS

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund

“As more businesses compete for the attention of online audiences, copy- and content-writing needs have exploded, with the company estimating that 200 million professionals around the globe are currently struggling to meet the rising demands. This leaves professionals as well as businesses looking for effective solutions to complement and accelerate human creativity for digital content.”

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