The more complex intermodal supply chains get, the more sensitive they are to any sort of external disruption. With Synfioo, you get the transparency you need to handle transport processes efficiently and ensure planning reliability.
Your real-time visibility platform for intermodal supply chains

Get to know Synfioo

  • Headquartered in: Potsdam, Germany

  • Founded in: 2015

  • Sector: Logistics, Real Time, Software, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

  • Investor: Industrial Tech Fund

Synfioo accounts for the entire supply chain and gather real-time information related to potential disruptions from over 50 external data sources to derive high-fidelity ETA. Their Process-ETA allows you to avoid buffer times while optimizing your asset utilization. With deeper insights, supply chain disruptions will no longer take you by surprise, promoting the stability of your transport processes and planning reliability.

Synfioo provides you with a greater sense of control and flexibility, minimizing your exposure to uncertainties and what-if scenarios, optimizing transport processes, and effectively distributing resources. The ability to anticipate disruptions along your supply chain operations results in time and monetary savings. Start molding your supply chain operations into a competitive advantage.

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