Seven Senders

Excellent shipping is a competitive advantage and makes your business internationally successful. Seven Senders is the leading shipping platform with the best solution for Europe-wide shipping. Seven Senders makes delivery a perfect experience for your customers - and supports you with its services to raise your shipping to a top level.
First choice on the last mile

Get to know Seven Senders

  • Headquartered in: Berlin, Germany

  • Founded in: 2014

  • Sector: Logistics

  • Investor: Private Investor Network, Digital Tech Fund

Seven Senders wants to make every single customer journey the most beautiful one for your customers. And just like a real journey, it requires a lot of fine tuning. They take on this complex job for you. Whether it’s choosing the perfect local deliverer or giving your customer exactly the delivery he wants – Seven Senders will find the best solution for each of your packages.

They know that your customer is demanding! This applies to the whole of Europe. This demand is Seven Senders driving force. Because if your customer is happy, then so are you. That is their goal.

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