Raisin's goal is to provide savers the best interest rates! As the leading marketplace for investments throughout Europe, they give you access to exclusive savings products from all over Europe - raise your interest with Europe's #1 deposit marketplace.
The first and only pan-European deposit marketplace

Get to know Raisin

  • Headquartered in: Berlin, Germany

  • Founded in: 2012

  • Sector: Banking, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Marketplace

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund

Raisin made it easy to find the right savings account. All you need to do is keep your needs in mind. With Raisin, you have exclusive access to higher interest rates from banks across Europe. Save yourself time and money by comparing offers online.

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With Raisin’s Online Banking System, you will be provided with an overview of your various deposit accounts as well as regular updates about new savings products, making it quick and simple to open further deposits or prolong existing ones.

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