Procuros is on a mission to build an integration hub that allows suppliers to easily integrate with their customers’ supplier portals and to fully digitally process any quotation, order and invoice document.
Connect Once. Integrate all Trade Partners.

Get to know Procuros

  • Headquartered in: Hamburg, Germany

  • Founded in: 2021

  • Sector: Procurement, System Integration

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund

The product is acting as a pure middleware platform which is not directly visible to the end-user who is now able to work frictionlessly out of the company’s internal ERP. Procuros facilitates the integration of a supplier’s ERP with the various procurement softwares. Suppliers only need to integrate with Procuros once to gain access to all the portals that the platform is integrated with, as opposed to integrating with each supplier portal individually. This results in large efficiency gains and cost savings for suppliers.

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