i2x is the first automatic training and voice recognition software to fully utilize data from sales and service calls in real time, through the use of artificial intelligence.
We transform the way you speak on the phone

Get to know i2x

  • Headquartered in: Berlin, Germany

  • Founded in: 2017

  • Sector: Enterprise Productivity, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet, Machine Learning

  • Investor: Private Investor Network, Digital Tech Fund

i2x helps sales and customer support agents to excel at their job. They do that by providing the most intuitive, productive and personally tailored learning to improve each individual’s skill-set.

The founder of i2x, Michael Brehm, has run and founded multiple internationally successful companies in the last 15 years. His last company, Rebate Networks, was an e-commerce and daily deals network. It had a presence in 30 countries, with 10,000 employees as of 2010. 2,500 of those employees were working in telephone sales and telephone customer support. The effort put into staff training, and the frustration resulting from not getting a consistent quality in telesales throughout the organization, is what inspired the idea for i2x back in 2010.

Despite dynamic markets and requirements, large sales and customer support organizations often times are rather slow in implementing change. Achieving a standardized and accurate representation of the company and its products is both crucial for sales, and very hard to accomplish. Therefore, i2x recruited a team of tech-talents from all around the world to tackle the challenge of leveraging verbal communication by generating a truly useful and effective tool for employees interacting with customers. Their team unites experts in data science, machine learning, engineering, programming, psychology, training, sales and languages to change the way phone calls are executed in the future.

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