equal1 is building highly scalable, cost effective, compact and low power quantum dot based silicon quantum computers used for machine learning training and inference applications as well as complex optimization problems.
Enabling ultra-scalable, low power and low cost Quantum Computing

Get to know equal1

  • Headquartered in: Dublin, Ireland

  • Founded in: 2018

  • Sector: Quantum Computing, Semiconductor, Machine Learning, Optimization

  • Investor: Industrial Tech Fund

Dublin and Silicon Valley based quantum computing company equal1 offers a highly scalable qubit technology without the need for an exotic new process platform. It leverages existing semiconductor foundry processes to deliver quantum computing solutions that make Artificial Intelligence (AI) and optimization more efficient and sustainable. Their Quantum Processor Unit (QPU) operates at 3.7 Kelvin and does not need super advanced cryogenics. Thus, total cost of ownership of their system can be much lower compared to other approaches. Further, equal1 was first to demonstrate a fully integrated QPU with “quantum” and “non-quantum” control logic on one die.

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