DeepL is a technology company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence for languages. Based in Cologne, Germany, the company was founded by the team who started Linguee. Under the leadership of Yaroslaw Kutylowski, DeepL developed a new translation engine based on neural networks, and has since become the undisputed global leader in language translation, servicing 24 languages, including many European languages, as well as Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin).
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Get to know DeepL

  • Headquartered in: Cologne, Germany

  • Founded in: 2009

  • Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, Translation Service

  • Investor: Private Investor Network, Digital Tech Fund

Since 2017, when the the DeepL translator was first launched, the system has achieved the world’s highest translation quality in the world, according to blind tests. DeepL provides professional products for companies, business professionals, and translators. To date more than a billion people have used the services of DeepL. The exceptionally high quality of machine translation provided by DeepL is the team’s own improvements in neural network mathematics and methodology neural network methodology.

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