CARISMA Therapeutics

Carisma Therapeutics is pioneering the development of CAR macrophages, a disruptive approach to immunotherapy. Their technology leverages advances in macrophage biology, chimeric antigen receptor engineering and adoptive cellular therapy for the treatment of human disease.
Pioneering car macrophage immunotherapy to target solid tumors

Get to know CARISMA Therapeutics

  • Headquartered in: Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Founded in: 2016

  • Sector: Biotechnology, Health Care, Life Science, Medical, Therapeutics

  • Investor: Digital Tech Fund, Managed Partner Funds

Recent genetic engineering advances have made it possible to manipulate human immune cells for the treatment of cancer. T cells engineered to express a tumor-recognizing receptor have shown outstanding success in hematologic malignancies but such results have not been translated to solid tumors.

CARISMA believes that their approach can overcome the hurdles of cell therapy in the treatment of solid tumors by modulating the tumor microenvironment (TME) through using innate immune system cells, called macrophages, which are naturally drawn into solid tissues.

Unlike other immune cells, their CAR Macrophages combine a unique set of characteristics, which they believe are the key to success in solid tumor treatment: recruitment and access to the solid tumor TME, ability to survive in the hostile solid tumor milieu, maintenance of an anti-tumor phenotype in the presence of immunosuppressive factors, capacity to selectively destroy cancer cells, and activation of an adaptive immune response by presenting engulfed tumor material.

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