Ava is a digital women’s health company with offices in Zurich, San Francisco, Makati and Belgrade. Ava’s mission is to advance women’s reproductive health by bringing together artificial intelligence and clinical research. Ava aims to be a long-term companion for women, providing data-driven and scientifically proven insights along all stages of their reproductive lives.
Go beyond ovulation

Get to know Ava

  • Headquartered in: Zurich, Switzerland

  • Founded in: 2000

  • Sector: Fertility, Health Care, MedTech, Medical Device, Personal Health

  • Investor: Private Investor Network, Digital Tech Fund

The Ava Bracelet

The Ava bracelet was launched in the US in July 2016, and is now sold in 36 countries worldwide. Worn only during sleep, it provides women with real time, personalized information about fertility, pregnancy, and general health—delivered in a way that is convenient and non-invasive.

Ava published a peer reviewed clinical paper in the Journal of Medical Internet Research which demonstrated changes in 5 physiological signals during the menstrual cycle*. The study found that by tracking these 5 signals simultaneously, Ava can detect 5 fertile days in real time. No other method tracks all 5 of these signals.

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