Altoida’s mission is to set a new gold standard in brain health. The company’s precision neurology platform is designed to accelerate and improve drug development, research, and care for people with neurological diseases, like Alzheimer’s, using data captured with a standard smartphone or tablet. Altoida’s technology platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze cognitive and functional test results and help diagnose neurological diseases, like Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s.

The proprietary 10-minute set of digital test activities (completed on a smartphone or tablet) use augmented reality to simulate real-world activities of daily living, enabling changes in cognition and function to be captured earlier and more accurately than existing methods. The platform has received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation.
"We’re pioneering precision neurology by building the world's leading platform for reliable, accessible, affordable diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases."

Get to know Altoida

  • Headquartered in: Washington, DC

  • Sector: Digital Health

  • Investor: Managed Partner Fund

“Altoida’s platform is the first to use augmented reality as the framework to simulate activities of daily living, and to leverage AI to develop scientifically-validated neurological disease diagnostics.”

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