Nicole Herzog

Nicole Herzog has proven herself as a passionate business angel and entrepreneur, with experience in digital transformation, management and communication. After graduating from HSG with a law degree, Nicole began her career as a co-founder of btov Partners, after which she continued to hone her management skills as the co-founder and COO of Haufe-Umantis, the German Team Management software.

After starting her eponymous consultancy firm in 2009, Nicole has continued to be an avid board member. She currently serves on the boards of three Swiss companies, is an advisor for one more, and is the current chairperson of ideas beyond AG and Sherpany. In addition to her business dealings, Nicole serves as a Member of the Jury for Venture Kick and on the Advisory Boards of the Student Union of HSG and the Swiss Management Organization.

I want to learn from other members, and I would like to share my founder/investor/entrepreneur experiences. And last but not least, this feels like coming home!

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