Michael Wieser

Partner, Helvetia Venture Fund

Michael is a Partner at btov and joined the company in 2017 after having gained experience with a German early-stage VC. The co-founder of two start-ups, one of the first private ISPs in Austria and a company developing energy storage and management solutions, he is also experienced in private equity, with a focus on restructuring and turnarounds.

Before starting his career, Michael studied law in Vienna and received his LLM at the National University of Singapore. When he’s not working, he loves baking his own bread and eating it with people who have skin in the game.

Cooking and being together with family and friends is important to me. Everything else follows from this.

  • With btov since: 20 April 2017

  • Expertise in / interest in the following areas: Insurance against risks and risks for insurance companies. Furthermore: Entrepreneurs who have never heard of “VC”.

  • Favourite quote: “Never cross a river that is 4 feet deep on average.

  • Your “favourite futuristic technology”: The automatic laundry-washing-and-in-the-cupboard folder.

Q -Which values are important to you and drive you?
MW -Cooking and being together with family and friends is important to me. Everything else follows from this.
Q -Which trend will most strongly influence an industry of your choice?
MW -Demography and the (lack of) social mobility
Q -What surprised you when you started working in venture capital?
MW -That almost everyone goes to start-up events, but only a few go to industry events.
Q -What did you want to be when you were little?
MW -Boarding pass wrecker. People always laughed so friendly - that must be a great job.
Q -What are your sources of information on the net?
MW -Hands down: Twitter.
Q -What are your top 3 favourite books?
MW -Michel de Montaigne, Umberto Eco, Franz Kafka - I can read them all over again and again, it always remains an inspiration.
Q -Do you have a person who has had a particular influence on you in your life, or one who has had a significant influence on you?
MW -"Cornelius," my Irish Sourdough culture. I absorb an incredible amount of it.
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