Johanna Junkermann


Prior to joining btov as an Analyst in March 2021, Johanna successfully completed an internship at our firm. Before that, she gained extensive experience in strategy consulting at Roland Berger, Accenture Strategy and EY, as well as in business development at heycar.

Johanna holds a double degree Bachelor in International Management and Global Business from ESB Reutlingen and Dublin City University, as well as a MSc in Management from University College Dublin along with CEMS MIM at HEC Paris.

I find founders inspiring that tell you about their startup with sparks in their eyes, making you immediately feel their enthusiasm, ambition and commitment.

  • With btov since: January 2021

  • Expertise in / interest in the following areas: Commerce (with special focus on D2C Brands), Mobility, ESG, GreenTech

  • Favourite quote: “Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.”

  • Your “favourite futuristic technology”: Lab-grown food

Q -Which values are important to you and drive you?
JJ -Kindness, Loyalty, Authenticity.
Q -Which SciFi "technology" are you missing in the real world?
JJ -Definitely teleportation!
Q -What excites you most about your profession?
JJ -If I had to choose three things, it would be the following:
1. Meeting & engaging with inspiring founders on a daily basis
2. Learning and deep-diving into new technologies, business models and industries (which sometimes I have never heard of before ;-))
3. Working in a team that has not only extensive experience, knowledge & inspiring personalities but also values interpersonal factors a lot.
Q -What do you do in your spare time? Do you have a passion that you pursue outside of work?
JJ -Before work, you usually find me outside running around Berlin and beating my personal monthly Adidas Running records. Besides that, I’m pretty basic - enjoying travelling, dinners with friends, hiking, or watching a good series on Netflix.
Q -What did you want to be when you were little?
JJ -Astronaut.
Q -What makes up your character, what is typical for you?
JJ -I have a LOT of energy & tend to talk too fast (not only when getting excited ;-))
Q -What are indispensable tools in your everyday life?
JJ -Zoom, Notion and Google.
Q -Which founders do you find most inspiring?
JJ -The ones that tell you about their startup with sparks in their eyes, making you immediately feel their enthusiasm, ambition and commitment.
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