Jennifer Phan

Investment Manager

1. Jennifer joined btov in March 2019 as an Associate. She previously worked as a Venture Architect at Deloitte Digital Ventures, where she advised some of the most renowned CEOs and CDOs on their digital transformation strategies and helped them on disrupting themselves before getting disrupted by new ventures and technologies. She took her first steps into Venture Capital at Global Founders Capital in Singapore, where she looked at early stage companies from various sectors in Asia Pacific. She also gained operational experience at Rocket Internet as a Global Venture Developer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Mannheim and Master in Management, with focus on Entrepreneurship, from ESCP Europe Business School. She has vast cross-continental and cultural expertise having lived, worked and studied in France, Singapore, UK, Spain, Mexico, Vietnam and Germany.

In her freetime, she is a volunteer teacher at ReDI School of Digital Integration, a non-profit digital school teaching coding skills to create job opportunities for refugees in Germany.

I think it‘s a great privilege to do the job that I do.

  • With btov since: 2019

  • Expertise in / interest in the following areas: Consumer, SaaS, Greentech, Food, Education, Health, Future of Work

  • Favourite quote: “Chance favors the prepared mind“ (Louis Pasteur)

  • Your favourite futuristic technology: Lab-grown food

Q -Which values are important to you and drive you?
JP -Growth(-Mindset), openmindness, humor, empathy, purpose.
Q -Which trend will most strongly influence an industry of your choice?
JP -Climate change and the shifting consumer awareness and behavior towards this. Hence, many new startups and technologies are rising to address the world’s most pressing problem and thus will affect various kinds of different industries – Retail, Food, Logistics, Energy, Mobility and many more.
Q -What do you like most about your job?
JP -The luxury to work and interact with great entrepreneurs and investors. The luxury to see ideas that can become really large and disruptive very early on. Ideas that can change how consumers live their life, how enterprises run their businesses and how long-term impact can be created for society. I think it‘s a great privilege to do the job that I do.
Q -What did you want to be when you were little?
JP -Doctor for children - my parents were very happy...until I switched to the “dark” side :)
Q -What constitutes your being, what is typical for you?
JP -My friends and colleagues say I have an infectious laugh.
Q -What are indispensable tools in your everyday life?
JP -Notion is my go-to tool to organize my everyday life and my life in general. I’m a huge fan of productivity hacks and life management tools. I am using Notion to organize my goals for the week and for the day, do daily journaling and monthly reflection, track my habits and collect book recommendations and words to live by.

Zoom, Outlook, Whatsapp and Slack as communication tools. Salesforce as our dealflow und CRM System. Spotify for music and podcasts, Headspace for mediation, Instagram and Linkedin for inspiration and staying connected, Freeletics to stay fit and Deliciously Ella for meal recipes.
Q -What are your top 3 favourite podcasts/books?
JP -Principles (Ray Dalio), Outliers (Malcom Gladwell), The big 5 for life (John Strelecky)
Q -Which person would you most like to work with?
JP -There are so many great personalities in various industries I would like to work with, but currently I would love to have the chance to work with Bill Gates. His business acumen, visionary thinking, understanding of technology and ambitious philanthropy tackling the world’s hardest problems is very fascinating to me.
Q -Which investor do you value the most?
JP -Luciana Lixandru - previously partner at Accel Partners and now at Sequoia as the first European Partner. She came from a small 100k inhabitants town in Romania and navigated herself into a successful investing career. She has an impressive track record and identified exceptional founders early on such as with UiPath, where she identified the RPA trend ahead of the venture industry, or Deliveroo and Tessian.
Q -Which person impresses you the most?
JP -Verena Pausder: She is a great role model as founder and mother of three children. She is committed to digital education and diversity in the business world and especially in the startup world - topics that are very important to me personally in addition to my VC job.
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