Henning Pentzlin

Henning Pentzlin was born in Hamburg on December 31, 1957. He is married and has three children.

After having graduated with a business administration degree at the University of Cologne in 1983, he started to study sociology and political science part-time at the University of Würzburg (doctorate in 2005). During the years 1984-1985 he was assistant to Mr. Urban at the Metro/Kaufhof AG, before founding his own business in 1986, the ALAC Software AG that produced PC Software for the IBM Business series. In 1990, Henning Pentzlin moved to Dresden where he founded the DREBAU Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH and then acquired as a partner of a British investor group the former VEB Buntgarnwerke with Germany’s largest industry monument.

Since then, Henning Pentzlin acts as business angel and accompanied several business creations in the energy, cleantech, medtech and internet area. After the successful exit of the British investor group and the return to Hamburg, Henning Pentzlin was invited to join the btov Circle of Investors in 2007.

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