Dr. Elisabeth Schrey

Investment Manager

Elisabeth joined btov Partners in January 2020. Previously she gained experience in venture capital for more than 2 years at S-UBG AG.

She studied Industrial Engineering focusing on Production Technologies at RWTH Aachen. Her PhD thesis focused on modular product platforms and lifecycle management. After her studies she spent nearly 4 years in research and consulting, analyzing product innovation in manufacturing companies for machine tools, industrial components, Automotive, FMCG and enterprise software.

Outside of work, she makes music and enjoys spending leisure time by the water.

Even when it comes to fancy technologies and a lot of money, it’s the people who count in the end.

  • With btov since: 2020

  • Expertise in / interest in the following areas: Industrial Engineering, Enterprise Software, SustainTech


  • Favourite quote: In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 

  • Your favourite futuristic technology:  To travel and live on other planets

Q -Which values are important to you and drive you?
ES -Respect, reliability, sincerity, joy.
Q -What technological progress do you hope for most?
ES -The complete switch to renewable energies, even if this means restrictions for us.
Q -Which trend will most strongly influence an industry of your choice?
ES -More flying objects as part of mobility.
Q -Which technology or which trend inspires you the most?
ES -Recycling
Q - What do you like most about your job?
ES -Every day I learn something.
Q -What surprised you when you started working in venture capital?
ES -Even when it comes to fancy technologies and a lot of money, it's the people who count in the end.
Q - What do you do in your spare time? Do you have a passion that you pursue besides work?
ES -Making music, moving in nature - especially on the water.
Q -What are you especially good at, what is your "superpower"?
ES - I am not allowed to talk about that ;)
Q -What makes you special, what is typical for you?
ES -I am very balanced.
Q -What are your top 3 favorite podcasts/books?
ES -HBR IdeaCast, Master of Scale, Lage der Nation.
Q - What are you currently studying, what are you learning new things?
ES -Meditation.
Q -Which person would you most like to work with?
ES -Angela Merkel.
Q -Which founders do you find most inspiring?
ES -I find it inspiring when founders are passionate about their technology or vision, that's independent of individuals.
Q -Do you have a person who has influenced you in your life or one who has made a significant impact on you?
ES -My grandpa, he is strong-minded and at the same time adaptable.
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