Dr. Hauke Hansen

Dr. Hauke Hansen is President of Lakeside Invest & Consult, an international investor and founder network, and works for Triton Partners, a European private equity firm with >€15b of assets under management. Lakeside is invested in >15 startups in technology and beyond.

Hauke has founded or co-founded 9 companies. Prior to his current engagements he has been responsible for Amazon’s European parcel delivery and logistics network as the VP of EU Supply Chain and Transportation and has served as the Chief Manufacturing & Supply Chain Officer of Cimpress / Vistaprint, a leading online print company.

Earlier he worked for ASML and McKinsey & Company. He is first author of the book “Capex Excellence – optimizing fixed asset investments” and has served / serves on multiple boards including All4Labels, a leading label printer. As a passionate entrepreneur, investor and digital expert he is always looking for new investments and to meet people with a vision and the grit to make it come true

During my work with many companies, big and small, I have found that often they underestimate the impact of investments on long term value creation. btov offers a professional and caring platform for investors and young companies that have set out to make a difference.

  • Expertise in / interest in the following areas:
    – My professional passion is to build businesses investing in people, technology and ideas with a future. I see myself as an entrepreneur and change catalyst that drives long-term value creation, strategic growth & operational excellence: To stretch the what is towards the what could be.
    – Core investment interest in tech related and high growth ventures.
    – Expertise in General Management, Venture & Capital Investments, Digitalization, Strategy, Operations, Lean & Quality, R&D and New Product Introductions. Additional functional expertise in Finance and Marketing.
    – Industry experience in e-Commerce, Hightech, Venture Capital, Web-to-Print, Semiconductors, Food, Telecom & IT, Logistics, Automotive, Utilities.
    – Worked in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the US, Canada, Australia, India, China and various other countries in Europe and Asia.

  • Previous experience:

    – Lakeside Invest & Consult: Chairman & Founder. 15 startup investments made plus several follow-up investments.
    – Founder of Lakeside and Foodo, co-founder of Medialab, Gründerschiff, W3 Development & Luxshield
    – Operating Partner with the private equity firm Triton Partners working for the Industrial Sector and member of Triton’s Digital Practice.
    – Ex-Member of the European Ops Leadership of Amazon, responsible for Supply Chain & Transportation in Europe.
    – Ex-Management board member of Cimpress / Vistaprint, responsible for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, R&D and Ops IT.
    – 7 years with McKinsey & Company: Focus on Operations, Strategy & Finance in HighTech, Telecom, Industrial Goods, Utilities and Logistics.
    – First author of the book „Capex Excellence – Optimizing fixed asset investments”.
    – Ph.D. in physics on laser & quantum optics

  • Favourite quote: “Some see what is and ask why. I imagine what could be and ask why not.” (Pablo Picasso)

Q -What qualities are you looking for in a founder/team, what is important to you?
HH -A vision, a plan to realize it, the grit to pull it off, and a reality distortion field.
Q -Which technological advancement are you hoping for most?
HH -Green fuel to stop global warming. AI to better business and society. Effective medicine to stop gruesome diseases. AR that seamlessly integrates with our daily lifes. Impact investments to reduce global economic differences and provide fair access to education, technology and life’s essentials to everyone.
Q -How do you define success?
HH -Alan Parsons: „I believed in my dreams until I found what they mean. Nothing can save me now“. Be careful what you wish for – it may come true.
Q -What is your most important advice to founders?
HH -- This one may have to be put in German: Ein Unternehmer ist jemand, der etwas unternimmt.
- Raise capital often and raise your valuation continuously. Be selective in who you accept as an investor.
Q -Can Europe keep up on the global stage? Where do you see opportunities?
HH -Europe is still a developing continent in terms of venture funding. Lot’s of good ideas and good science and engineering, but weaker in turning ideas into strong ventures. Stop worrying, start daring. Go digital, go green, go.
Q -What should an angel do and what should they avoid doing?
HH -Should do: Provide money, advice and network. Should not do: Think they know better or try to run the companies they invest in.
Q -What are the indispensable tools in your everyday life?
HH -Excel – to get quantitative. Evernote – my extended (and more reliable) memory. Teams / Zoom – to meet and communicate. Trello – to organize my to do‘s. Linkedin – to network. Dropbox – to store and access my data from everywhere and all devices.
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