Take a peek at btov’s latest coverage regarding our community of entrepreneurs.


getsafe will soon launch a new, fully digital multiline insurance platform

getsafe will soon launch a new, fully digital multiline insurance platform. Read More.

Congrats to our portfolio company SumUp

Congrats to our portfolio company SumUp, who announced their expansion to 15 new countries, almost doubling their total number of markets served to 31. Read More.

Welcome Kivu to the btov family!

Welcome Kivu to the btov family! We just invested in the seed round of the Austrian start-up. Read More.

Koerber AG invested in btov portfolio company BigRep

We are pleased to announce, that the Koerber AG invested in btov portfolio company BigRep, which produces large scale 3D printers. Read More.

4SC AG gets EUR 41m after successful capital increase

We are excited to announce the participation in the EUR 41m capital increase of 4SC AG. a listed biopharmaceutical company from Germany. Read More.

Exosome Diagnostics closed its USD 30m Series C

This month, Exosome Diagnostics closed its USD 30M Series C financing round, led by Tiger Partners and Forbion Capital Partners. Read More.

Compeon launched its new website

Compeon launched its new website. The portal provides SMEs with the possibility to receive and compare different offers for banking products from over 220 financial institutions. Read More.

We made the front page

We made the front page in NZZ, Switzerland’s leading newspaper: Read More.

Comtravo raised EUR 8.5m for Series A

We are proud to announce that our btov portfolio company Comtravo has raised an EUR 8.5m Series A Read More.

Luca Martinelli at Founders Academy

Our very own Luca Martinelli was part of the pitch jury for the final Pitchday of the Founders Academy. Read More.

btov invests in Seed round of Content4TV

btov proudly participated in the Seed round of Frankfurt-based Content4TV. Read More.

MOVU got acquired by Baloise!

Great news (and as written above): Our btov portfolio company MOVU got acquired by Baloise! Read More.

Eperi collaborates with Deutsche Telekom

Eperi joined forces with Deutsche Telekom and TU Darmstadt to develop a quantum encryption solution that will prevent even the most advanced computers from cracking encryption algorithms. Read More.

SumUp launches omnichannel payment suite

SumUp expands its product offering, launching a new omnichannel payment suite. Read More.

Building Bridges in the start-up ecosystem

With the inaugural “Building Bridges in the start-up ecosystem” event in Berlin, co-hosted by Blooming Founders, We SHAPE TECH and btov Partners, we want to support the female factor and its strategic importance in the start-up ecosystem and in the financing networks. Read More.

Ottonova received further 10m

Ottonova is the first private health insurance being founded in Germany since decades. Read More.

eperi is the best Cloud Security Platform in the world!

We are proud to announce that our btov portfolio company, eperi has been selected the world’s “Best Cloud Security Platform” by London’s TechXLR8 as part of the London Tech Week. Read More.

Switzerland’s Top Fintech Investors

We are delighted to see that btov got mentioned as one of the driving forces in the Swiss FinTech industry. Read More.

TargetVideo receives further funding and expands brand portfolio

btov invested a significant six-digit EUR amount into existing portfolio company TargetVideo. Read More.

We welcome Goodminton to our portfolio

We are happy to announce that btov led the Series B financing round of Berlin-based Goodminton AG, the parent company behind the fitness food brand foodspring and the full-fledged dietary system provider amapur. Read More.

Behind the scenes at EFFECT Photonics

Have a look at this video, taking you behind the scenes at EFFECT Photonics’ Eindhoven operations and the company’s relationship with the Province of Brabant in the Netherlands. Read More.

WISE closes its Series B fundraising round

Congratulations to Milan-based portfolio company WISE for closing its EUR 6,5m Series B fundraising round. Read More.

Large scale 3D printing at Bigrep

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is working closely with industrial 3D printing expert and btov portfolio company, BigRep, to maintain and replace spare parts on their trains. Read More.

Bux has an interview with Orange by Handelsblatt

In an interview with Orange by Handelsblatt, Bux CTO Joost van de Wijgerd explained how his company wants to bring exchange trading to the masses, especially younger audiences between 18-34 years old in a simple, fun and potentially lucrative way. Read More.

Testbirds in cooperation with Software Quality Systems

Congratulations to Testbirds for announcing its cooperation with Software Quality Systems (SQS) in Köln, a specialist in software and process quality. Read More.

N26 launches savings accounts with Raisin

Raisin is now available via N26. In just a few taps, you’ll be able to open a savings account for money you don’t need. Techcrunch reported. Read More.

Codecheck’s new logo and bilingual app!

Codecheck has launched its app in English and refreshed its logo. Read More.

Exosome achieves important milestone

Congratulations to Cambridge (US) based btov portfolio company, Exosome Diagnostics, for receiving a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA) Code from the American Medical Association (AMA) Read More.

ORCAM raises USD 41m and strives for IPO

We are happy to announce that OrCam has closed a USD 41m financing round valuing the company at USD 600m - btov was once again a contributing party to this round. Read More.

Eperi sets sights on UK for rapid growth

Thanks to a wave of high Microsoft Office 365 adoption and the upcoming European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, Darmstadt-based btov portfolio company, Eperi, has set its sights on expansion into the UK. Read More.

Klöckner & Co invests in BigRep Series B

We are excited to announce that one of the largest producer-independent distributors and service providers of steel and metal products worldwide has invested in Berlin-based btov portfolio company BigRep. Read More.

Testbirds wins the German Innovation Prize 2017

Congratulations to Munich-based btov portfolio company, Testbirds, which was recognized as Germany’s most innovative start-up for 2017 Read More.

Azimo rolls out a neat new feature

UK-based money transfer startup and btov portfolio company, Azimo, now lets you send money to a phone number. Read More.

deutsche startups

Luca Martinelli’s interview with Deutsche Startups interviewed btov Parnter Luca Martinelli this week and asked about what it is like to be a venture capitalist. Read More.

Advanon is going live in Germany!

Advanon, the leading platform for invoice financing in Switzerland, is about to go live in Germany! Read More.

Beekeeper raises US 8m Series A

Congratulation to the founders and angel investors for the very serious CHF 8m Series A Read More.

We welcome Ottonova to our portfolio

We welcome Ottonova to our portfolio, a digital private health insurance that strives to be an active partner for your health. Read More.