LatticeFlow Secures $12 Million to Accelerate Platform to Eliminate AI Data and Model Blind Spots in Computer Vision

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26th October 2022

We are happy to announce a $12 million Series A by our portfolio company LatticeFlow and would like to welcome Atlantic Bridge, OpenOcean and FPV Ventures to the LatticeFlow family.

Developing AI that works in the real-world is incredibly challenging. Despite the incredible strides computer vision AI models have made in image classification, detection, and other tasks in the lab, models often fail to work as expected when deployed in production, because real-world scenarios are far more complex and varied than lab training datasets. Up to 90% of all models don’t reach production, which represents a huge financial loss to the companies developing them.

“We developed LatticeFlow because we knew the impossible task that engineers were up against with the pain-staking, manual process of fixing data and model issues to create AI models that work in the real world,” said Petar Tsankov, Co-founder and CEO, LatticeFlow. “At scale, it was clearly an unwinnable battle, so we focused on developing tools to help engineers work smart and automate fixes across large datasets and models.”

The LatticeFlow team have built an impressive track record over the past twelve months, attracting Fortune 500 customers such as Siemens Mobility, and AI scaleups such as Intenseye, Voxel AI, and Carscan.

“What makes LatticeFlow’s technology so compelling is its holistic approach that is rooted in deep research combined with a fundamental understanding of real-world needs,” says btov Partner Andreas Goeldi.

Ekaterina Almasque, General Partner of OpenOcean said: “If there’s one group that can make machine learning deployments at scale finally happen, it’s LatticeFlow’s team. We were hugely impressed by their amazing pedigree from academia, ETH Zurich, as well as their background as serial entrepreneurs.”

“There’s a major bottleneck in bringing AI models built in the lab into production. Despite the exponential growth of AI models, operationalizing them is extremely hard. LatticeFlow is addressing this in a unique way with its unstructured data quality analysis and improvement. We’re excited to join the LatticeFlow journey to build a leading automation platform for computer vision deployments, thus accelerating the roll-out of AI.”

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