Valerie Schüler and Gwendolyn Schröter

Valerie and Gwendolyn are shareholders of Golzern Holding – a owner-operated investment company from Leipzig. The team is completed by Felix and Stephan, the founder of the Holding, who is a successful stand-alone entrepreneur and investor since more than 40 years. Golzern Holding invests into early-stage start-ups that produce “tangile” and sustainable products. Originated in the paper and packaging industry Golzern Holding has an extensive network and know-how within the field of industrial production. Due to that sustainable packaging, green- and industry tech are special fields of interest to Golzern.
Before entering Golzern Holding Gwendolyn was working as a consultant in Marketing- and Innovationstrategy with a focus on the automotive/mobility and financial sector. She is dedicated to new work concepts and a promoter of female empowerment within the startup community.
Valerie has over 10 years of experience as an equity portfolio manager and stock analyst. Within her career she managed various European small and mid cap portfolios on behalf of a large German asset management company and different institutional clients. Investing into new and promising game changers is not only a question of financial allocation to the shareholders of Golzern Holding, but a chance to actively shape our future world.