Norbert Schuler

Norbert Schuler has a degree in computer science with a focus on software architecture. He has extensive experience in various programming languages, database and web technologies, mobile application development, and the administration of networks. Besides his technology focus he is also interested in online communities and project management.

Norbert and his colleagues founded epublica in 2001 and he is still one of the Managing Directors of the company to date. Prior to epublica and during the German “New Economy” period, Norbert had worked as a freelancer for web agencies such as Kabel New Media and ID Media. Right from the beginning, epublica had focused on the development of high-performance website presences for discerning customers with high traffic volumes and extensive server and database systems.

Back in 1996, Norbert and fellow-students of his had started the knowledge-sharing platform From 2003 onwards, epublica had been involved in the development of XING for Lars Hinrichs, and developed the core technology of XING until 2009. At present, epublica works on proprietary projects and is also interested to help and support interesting start-ups to achieve their goals.