Hanno Zulla

Hanno Zulla has a degree in computer science. During his studies he had focused on distributed computing and distributed systems. In his role as a software developer, back in the early days of the world wide web, Hanno had worked for agencies such as lava / iXL Germany AG and Kabel New Media AG. In 2001, he and three of his fellow students founded epublica.

Still engaged in their studies, the four epublica founders had started the knowledge-exchange platform wer-weiss-was.de in 1996. Wer-weiss-was.de was designed to make the know-how of experts available to other internet users and introduced the platform-genre of question-answer-portals to the German market. In 2007, Hanno was appointed Managing Director of the wer-weiss-was GmbH, which was acquired in the same year by ProSiebenSat.1.

Hanno’s former colleague Lars Hinrichs had started the social netwok open BC in 2003, which became XING AG in 2006. Hanno and the epublica team took over the software part for Lars and managed the technical development of the platform until 2009, when the development team (that epublica had formed) was acquired by XING.