Dr. Sybille Naumann

Being resident in Hong Kong, Sybille seized the chance to enroll in a Master Class in Buddhist Studies (MSc) as a full time student two years ago at the Hong Kong University, Faculty of Arts. Success is reported – her graduation will be in 2019. The Buddhist studies nourish her art – in Berlin and Hong Kong she started her painting series of “Meditative Abstracts” displaying luminous colours in a subtle technique of layering oil and ink, blurring the boundaries between Western and Eastern imagination. If not painting, her interests focus on Modern and Contemporary (Asian) Art. With her husband Steffen she enjoys the pleasant challenge to search and bring together their collection while travelling extensively. Sybille studied law at the Universities of Bonn and Bochum and holds a Doctorate (Dr) in corporate law, as well as a Master Degree (LLM) from Columbia University. Her legal career included positions as Head of Public Policy and European Affairs at the Federation of German Stock Exchanges, a predecessor of the Deutsche Börse AG and General Counsel for the German language book publishers of Random House. Afterwards, she served for the Friends and Supporters of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, as Managing Director, for eight years on a pro bono basis – before leaving for Hong Kong. Sybille joined her husband in investing in start ups around ten years ago with a focus on IT and Digital Health. Sybille’s recent investments include Clarify Health, Stop Breathe & Think, NameCoach, IDAGIO and DeepL.