Invested in DyeMansion

Invested in Felix

Felix co-founded DyeMansion in 2013 to help the 3D printing industry transform and industrialize from a prototype technology to the digital manufacturing technology of the future. From perfect fit eyewear, shoe soles, orthotics, to aircraft and personalized car interiors – The digitalization of production affects all areas and their technology makes 3D printed products become a part of our everyday life.

Felix Ewald

Invested in PriceHubble

Invested in Stefan

Dr. Stefan Heitmann founded PriceHubble in 2016. The company’s goal is to create transparency in the global real estate markets. PriceHubble is already Stefan’s second startup, and he found the idea while running his first company.

Dr. Stefan Heitmann

Invested in Seven Senders

Invested in Johannes

Johannes co-founded Seven Senders in 2014 with the goal to enable online shops to send parcels easily and at affordable prices around Europe. Today, Seven Senders counts many of Europe’s top e-commerce sites as its customers.

Dr. Johannes Plehn

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