SECA Evening Event

Venture capital for family offices, insurance firms and pension funds

This event, which is organized by the Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association in cooperation with btov Partners and VI Partners is aimed at managers and decision-makers from the investment sector of Swiss family offices, insurance firms and pension funds.

Highly developed startup ecosystems such as Silicon Valley in the USA offer institutional investors exciting investment opportunities and have a very lasting influence on the competitiveness and economic strength of their region. Particularly important in this context are the regular invest-ments of US pension funds in venture capital funds that focus on Silicon Valley. Swiss pension funds, on the other hand, have little involvement in venture capital in Europe. Family offices and insurance firms already make up a significant part of the investment volume in venture capital funds, however the potential could be much higher.

The aim of the event is to present the venture capital sector as an asset class to selected pension fund, insurance firms and family office deci-sion-makers by examining the structure of this sector in its entirety, pre-senting venture capital approaches relevant to institutional investors and discussing them between participants and speakers.

If you would like to attend, please register at or send an e-mail to

BCG, Rue de Rive 10, 1204 Geneva