CIT Conference 2018 by Deutsche Bank and btov

The CIT Conference is aimed at entrepreneurs and investors from the Greater North Rhine-Westphalia area. On the one hand, it addresses strategic decision-makers who are concerned with the sustainable further development of their companies in the light of digitalization. On the other hand, it addresses investors who need to understand the demand of established companies in terms of innovative technologies, so that these investors can invest in start-ups, whose innovative technologies are directly relevant for established companies.

In the context of the conference we want to discuss about what is happening in different industries. More precisely:

  • What are the opportunities and risks linked with new technologies?
  • Which commercially relevant new business models are being developed by start-ups (and other companies) using such technologies?
  • What are appropriate digitalization strategies for established companies?
  • How has the digital transformation affected other industries and companies?
  • How do I translate digital transformation, strategically and operationally, for my business?

The aim of the event is to provide participants with impulses and creative inspiration. We want to achieve this goal by:

  • Getting a better understanding of selected key technologies of the digital transformation (e. g. artificial intelligence, machine learning)
  • Getting a better understanding¬†of strategies and business models used by start-ups in different industries
  • Getting a better understanding of strategies and business models used by established companies in different industries in dealing with digital transformation
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Christian K. Winkler