btov Discovery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We have been invited by the Dubai Future Accelerator (link) to get to know the start-up and investor scene in Dubai with a group of btov members during a short trip.

Now the btov Discovery trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi will take place in the period from April 13 – 18,2018. The invitation stems from an initiative of btov member Hubertus Thonhauser (link), who has been travelling the Gulf region for several years, has already made direct investments in companies there and now lives in Dubai.

In recent months, the Gulf region has made a name for itself with innovative technology projects, including Masdar City (link), the CO2-neutral science city that is completely supplied with renewable energies, but also with the support of prototype trials such as the btov associated company Volocopter (link & video). Dubai and Abu Dhabi are consciously used by many growth companies from the western hemisphere as hub and stepping stone into the Arab and Asian markets. The Dubai Future Accelerator, where we want to spend a full day to get to know the docked (more mature) companies of the second batch and investors, is also positioned. In the accelerator, we will not see any companies in the seed phase, but primarily start-ups with, in some cases, already significant sales, which are in the process of advancing their internationalization. We intend to use the remaining days of the trip for 1:1 meetings with investors including Dubai Angel Network (link), the largest Angel Network in the region and Tech Stars Dubai and founders/entrepreneurs from the region, such as Mr. Mohamed Al Ballaa (LinkedIn).

On Tuesday 17th April, we will visit Abu Dhabi for a full day, visiting Abu Dhabi Global Market (link), the financial authority that acts as a catalyst for the growth of the dynamic financial services sector in the UAE. We will also visit Masdar City and Krypto Labs(link), a local incubator and cooperation area, and the AlFahim Group (link).

The program (attached) will be accompanied by a short touristic program on the day of arrival and an investor’s briefing on the impressions and findings of the trip on the day of departure. The participants organize their arrival and departure as well as the accommodation on site individually. btov coordinates the program and organizes the dinner/networking meetings.

We have already a group of 11 btov fellow travelers and were happy to welcome you too. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to tell you more about the group of participants.

Next Steps

We therefore ask you to let us know by email by 19th February 2018 whether you would like to travel with us (Mailto: Janine Kägi und Christian Winkler and whether you would like to receive the Hotel Jumeirah Towers booking link. The room contingent of 20 rooms is pre-booked until 27th February 2018.

We look forward to your feedback.

Janine Kägi