btov Private Investment Academy (Module II) – BOOKED OUT!

The btov Private Investment Academy is a series of events at the Schloss Wolfsberg in Ermatingen at the Lake of Constance. In the course of the series of events different aspects of direct investments in young companies are addressed. The first module of the Academy (taking place in September and November 2016) offers an overview with regard to the typical investment process for an investment in a company during start-up or growth stage. During the second module of the Academy (conducted in March 2017) we would like to delve deeper into specific topics of the first module. Accordingly, the second module is designed for former participants of the first module as well as more experienced investors.

The second module will deal with experiences based on real investment deals taken from the btov portfolio. In retrospect, members of the b-to-v team will illustrate the individual steps of the investment process (screening, negotiation, valuation, due diligence, deal structuring, investment phase, exit). We will in particular touch on the challenges along the company’s development path and reflect our past decisions. The Academy is rounded off with live presentations of start-up teams as well as experience sharing with a seasoned business angel.

As in the first module, participants will be able to enjoy the benefits of the exclusive location of the Schloss Wolfsberg. And as always we invite participants to get to know the other participants in the course of the two days.

Please note this event is already booked out. Interested btov Members and guests are kindly invited in our upcoming btov Private Investment Academy (Module I) on May, 3 – 5, 2017. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the first module of the Academy at Schloss Wolfsberg in May 2017!

Schloss Wolfsberg, Ermatingen, Thurgau, Switzerland

Andrea Rogg