btov, founded as brains to ventures

We are pioneers in developing venture capital investment solutions for private, corporate and institutional investors.

We provide members of our network with vetted investment opportunities in seed, early and later stage tech companies from over 25 different industries. This also includes all sectors covered by the btov venture capital funds. We enable our members to jointly discuss investment opportunities, to contribute to a consolidated due diligence and transaction process, and to keep track of their portfolio companies throughout the entire investment journey. The minimum investment per investor per company is EUR 50.000. We expect our members to take their own investment decision and build individual, diversified portfolios of at least 10 start-ups. We only work with investors who meet SEC accredited investor criteria. Investing in start-ups is related to very high risks. The risks are even higher the younger the individual company.

We enable corporations, non-profit organizations and high net worth individuals or family offices to set up tailor-made venture capital funds. We are flexible regarding the focus areas of the fund in terms of geography, industry, or company stage. We offer support in developing the fund’s strategy, recruit a dedicated team, orchestrate the legal set-up, and prepare the fund’s operations. Finally, we coach the fund management team on an ongoing basis to ensure smooth operations. The teams are part of the core btov family and running the Partner Funds as if they were their own business. Managed Partners Funds are operational with an industrial family, the Swiss Publisher Ringier as well as Swiss Insurance Company Helvetia.

We operate own funds investing in digital tech and in industrial tech start-ups. The digital tech fund invests in consumer oriented businesses in the fields of fintech, marketplaces and software. The industrial tech fund places its focus on deep tech, e.g. industry 4.0, resource efficiency, industrial AI, IoT, cyber security, as well as medtech. Initial investments amount to EUR 0.25-3.5m and we can increase our total investment to EUR 10m over the life cycle of a company. We are focused on Europe and invest outside of Europe on a case-by-case basis.