Andreas Goeldi as new partner at btov: AI expertise for the Digital Tech Fund

The venture capital firm btov Partners has appointed Andreas Goeldi as new partner within its btov Digital Tech Fund. Goeldi is a renowned entrepreneur and business angel with extensive technological expertise. The Swiss entrepreneur has been active in the start-up world for 24 years and is involved in several European and US start-ups. For the last seven years he has served as CEO and CTO of Pixability, a video marketing optimization software based on artificial intelligence (AI), founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His practical technical expertise complements a solid academic background with several degrees, including a Masters Degree in Management from the prestigious Sloan Fellows Program (MIT). Goeldi holds four Big Data Analysis patents in the USA. Further areas of expertise include Software as a Service (SaaS), e-commerce services and digital media.

The 47-year-old is now joining btov’s Digital Tech Fund team, which invests in B2C and B2B companies with digital business models. Andreas Goeldi on his new role in the team: “In the future, it will be more important to identify specific markets and not just trends. My technological expertise, especially in the area of AI, will be useful in understanding disruptive products in detail and evaluating their market and scaling potential.“

In addition, thanks to Goeldi’s experience and contacts, the fund, which is focused on Europe, now benefits from expanding its horizon: Goeldi wants to build bridges to the US. He is certain: “The decisive question is not whether and where the next Silicon Valley will be built, but how to unite the best of Europe and the USA. btov has built up its own venture capital model from the outset. An incomparable investor network, decades of experience and proximity to corporate investors make us unique in the market. We are ideally positioned to benefit from this new phase of venture investment.”

Florian Schweitzer, CEO of btov Partners, explains: “We have a very long history with Andreas Goeldi because he was involved with btov from the very beginning. With him, we have a partner at our side who is not only very successful himself as an entrepreneur, founder and business angel, but also has in-depth technical know-how. We are extremely happy to welcome Andreas Goeldi to our circle of partners”. Read more here.