Prof. Dr. Dr. Hartwig Bauer

Besides his profession as a specialist in urology and andrology, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hartwig Wilhelm Bauer holds a professorsip in urology at the Free University of Berlin and the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich. Since he started as a laboratory director of a research laboratory at the Behring Institute of the company Hoechst, he is also a consultant to various biotechnology companies in Germany and abroad. He engaged in research visits at the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Stanford University and Iowa University.

His research activities received recognition by the Johann-Georg-Zimmermann cancer research grant from the Hannover Medical School and the Felix-Hoppe-Seyler prize of the German Society for Laboratory Medicine. He is a full member of the Sudetendeutsche Academy of Science and Arts. Since 2002, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bauer is member of the E commission of the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Products. Furthermore, he is president of the GSAAM conference in Munich. His previous investment have been in the real estate- and medicine area.